Diana Moreau

Diana joined Megasys in 2002 as a Sales Assistant and became the Sales Manager in July, 2015. As Sales Manager, she oversees all steps of the sales process for new prospects and is responsible for forming key business partnerships and relationships. Diana enjoys looking at clients’ needs and helping them use the Omega System to improve their business processes. Diana also organizes the Megasys User Group Bi-Annual Conference and participates in the American Financial Services Association (AFSA), the California Financial Services Association (CFSA), and the National Automotive Finance Association (NAF). Diana holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies with a focus in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication.

Maite Vega

Maite Vega originally joined Megasys in 1995 as a Support Technician. Later in 2000, she took a leave to raise a family. Maite returned in 2008 to take on many roles within the company. Prior to becoming Chief Operating Officer, Maite held positions as Technical Trainer, Installations Manager, and Vice President of Installations. Maite has an insatiable drive for leading and has experience in finance, customer service and management. Maite received her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton.

John Fuhrer

John Fuhrer joined Megasys in 1999 as a Support Technician, however, having a passion for software John quickly transitioned to the development team where he has been developing enterprise class applications for over 25 years. Prior to becoming Megasys’s Chief Technology Officer, he was Chief Software Architect for 11 years, managing the development team and overseeing all phases of development. John has a passion for learning new technologies and enjoys the challenge of delivering great software that companies need and people want to use.

Cory Benjamin

Joining Megasys in 1998 as a Software Developer, Cory Benjamin holds a degree in Computer Science and has been developing software professionally since 1994. Cory has an insatiable appetite for knowledge of emerging trends in technology and helps drive overall company growth. As the Chief Financial Officer, Cory handles finance operations for the company, which includes strategic management of the support, consulting, and finance departments.

Theo Austin

Theo Austin joined Megasys in 1999 as a Software Developer and became Operations Manager in 2003. He became President & COO in 2006, with the goal of modernizing the software platform and introducing Megasys to new markets. With over 20 years of experience in the automotive and technology industries, Theo has experience in finance, software development and management. Prior to joining Megasys, he held positions at Daewoo Motor America and PC Mall. Theo received his Bachelors Degree in MIS – Quantitative Methods from the California State University, Long Beach.