Servicing handles every aspect of the loan life cycle, from booking to close-out. Track payment details, collection notes, insurance policies, recoveries and more, all in one intuitive screen. Integrated GL and AP systems, task manager work-flow, robust reporting, and secure document storage are just a few of the included features.


Our fully integrated advanced collection features allow the assignment of accounts to specific collectors along with an account scoring system to prioritize the accounts that have the greatest impact on delinquency.

  • Collection dashboards provide built-in widgets that allow you to effectively manage collector performance.
  • Easy to use collector tool bar gives collectors the ability to manage their queues and scheduled call lists with detailed information including balance, next due, and other important statistics.
  • Built-in collection activity reports allow you to track collector performance. 
  • Real-time integration supported with the dialer vendor of your choice!

Charge-off or write-off for accounts that have gone into default in one easy step. Supports the ability to charge off, leave, and waive fees, including dealer discount, reserve and withholds amounts.


Access to 100’s of built-in standard reports that cover all aspects of your business. Report parameters are completely customizable.

  • Report filter capability includes advanced options to include or exclude criteria.
  • Store reports in the Doc Safe for easy retrieval.
  • Automate reports for on-demand and before or after day end.
  • Report output is available in a variety of formats, including XML and Microsoft Excel.
  • Supports all modern communication transmission channels.

Dashboards provide graphical snapshots of data on the key aspects of your business. Widgets allow you to make quick, data-driven decisions on how your business is performing in the areas most important to you.

  • Track aging, collector aging, delinquency, and much more!
  • Uses pie charts, bar charts, and line charts to easily view loan metrics.

Supports processing multiple insurance products along with the ability to track customer provided insurance information.

  • Includes a comprehensive setup of multiple insurance products and rate tables to track policies that are sold through the finance company.
  • Built-in reports can be run to track insurance activity, uninsured accounts, and much more!


We have partnered with industry leaders to fully integrate features in real-time using the most advanced API technology. Integrations are streamlined during implementation, allowing users maximum efficiency and control of costs.

700Credit is the largest provider of credit reports, compliance, and soft pull products to over 14,000 Automotive, RV, Powersports and Marine dealerships across the U.S.

DealerTrack is North America’s premier independent Web-based platform that automates and accelerates the entire automotive financing process.

As the market leader, Paymentus provides the broadest array of digital billing, communication and payment capabilities built on a single core to help Megasys clients achieve a level of customer engagement and paperless adoption not available with legacy systems.

FSSI is a full-service print and mail outsourcing leader. We specialize in securely processing, designing, printing and delivering all of your company’s customer communications.

Accept payments and fund loans 24/7/365 with REPAY’s integrated payment technology.

PassTime is a leading provider of GPS Solutions and has been in business for more than 25 years.

PaymentVision is a financial services company and payment processor currently servicing thousands of financial institutions and corporate billers across the nation.

PayNearMe is the modern and reliable payments platform that lets your customers pay how, when and where they want. Accept cash, debit, credit, ACH and mobile-first payment methods including Apple Pay and Google Pay – all with a single platform.

Solutions by Text is a division of Marketing Response Solutions, a full-service consulting firm which has been serving the business community since 1995.

Spireon, Inc. is North America’s leading connected vehicle intelligence company, providing businesses and consumers with powerful insights to track, manage and protect their most valuable mobile assets.


Waterfall settings pre-configure the order in which fees are applied ahead of interest and principal. Alternative payment options give your customers several convenient ways to pay on time, resulting in lower delinquencies that ultimately affect your bottom-line. We offer real-time integration for ACH, Credit Card, debit card and Cash payment processing through our integrated partnerships.

ACH Payments

Real-time processing for one-time and recurring ACH checking, savings or debit card payments.

Credit Card Payments

Real-time processing for one-time and recurring credit card payments.

Wells Fargo Bill Pay

Allow customers to pay bills online without the hassles of writing checks.  Sends customer information to Wells Fargo and automatically post payments to accounts en masse.

Accept many other forms of payments through our generic API (Web Services) for real-time posting or batch payment upload.

Lock Box
Money Gram
Western Union & Speed Pay

The Customer Portal enables you to provide customers with personalized service. With an open line of communication, you’ll boost customer satisfaction and reduce customer service calls. All communication and payment transactions are posted in real-time. Your customers will be able to:

  • View account information including balance, due date and amount due.
  • Complete payment transactions.
  • View payment history.
  • Submit messages.
  • Upload and/or view documents, including billing statements and other documents, which you make available to your customers in the portal from your Omega system.

Megasys has a strong, direct relationship with all three major bureaus (Experian, Equifax and Trans Union). Megasys is a direct processor. We do not rely on third parties to process your credit reporting data.


Our fully integrated recovery management system allows users to keep inventory on where their vehicle is at each stage of the recovery process. Customize each step of the process according to your work flow process. Features include the ability to:

  • Automatically transmit repossession documents and task reminders using status triggers.
  • Automatically assess custom fees to account.
  • Vehicle valuation services through integrated partners.
  • Track the location of your asset directly within the view account screen through our integrated partners.

Our real-time fully integrated General Ledger system seamlessly traces the complete transaction history.

  • Close out a previous period retroactively at any time, therefore allowing users to move on into the current year without the need to complete the prior period first.
  • Financial Statements easily export directly into Excel, and includes the balance, income statement, and a raw data format for additional flexibility.

Our fully integrated Accounts Payable system can process not only dealer checks, but all of your accounts payables checks. AP transactions are updated live to the General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation systems.