Sales Contact Form

3Business Hours
  • Thank you for choosing Megasys! We look forward to working with your staff and offering our services for your ongoing operational requirements. The information requested on this form will assist Megasys in providing superior service to your staff.

    1. Please include all executive and management staff members who will contact Megasys Management and/or Sales for additional product and service installations.
    2. Please list personnel who may be involved in your installation and indicate their Authorization Level:
        Primary Contact: Please designate a point person for matters concerning your software system. This person should be available during your normal office hours, knowledgeable about your business, and able to make decisions about your system configuration.
        Support Authorization: Megasys refers to these individuals as Authorized Contacts, and they are permitted to contact Support, request changes to your system, and accumulate support hours, which may affect your recurring monthly fee.
        Sales Quote Authorization:Sales Quote Authorization: Individuals with this level of authorization can enter into contracts with Megasys. On occassions when additional products or services are requested that exceed the scope of normal support services, a quote will be issued prior to services rendered.
    3. Completed forms submitted to our Sales Department for review. Please allow 7-10 business days for us to contact you regarding your installation.