Thank you to our customers and sponsors for coming to MegaBash!
The MegaBash event was a success due to the outstanding support from customers and associate sponsors.
Several new Omega features were announced along with a preview of upcoming roadmap projects. Features in progress will be announced as they become available. The most notable newly released features are the credit bureau inquiry for collections, payment processing features, new communication features, new reporting options, and a suite of new functions to make your business run smoother.
Thanks to customer participation during our question-and-answer session, we received several feature suggestions, which will be considered/scheduled for future release. More details on those features will follow in a later announcement. All responses to questions and suggestions received during the event will be posted to an online area and clients will be notified via a system announcement.
Below is a recap on new Omega features discussed at the event:
Credit Bureau inquiry for collections offered through the Credco integration:
This feature provides the ability for a separate credit inquiry pull for existing customers for collection purposes.
  • Credco will provide you/Megasys with separate credentials for collection inquiry pulls.
  • Megasys can setup the credentials on your system.
  • Pull credit bureaus from within View Account > Customer Tab.
  • New Credit Score fields for manual, automated import of Credco scores or via new API.
Please contact Credco directly to inquire and sign up. Credco contact information is located in the help center.
Payment Processing New features:
  • Expitrans is our newest integrated payment provider for customer payments which features outbound ACH payments for vendors and customers. An official announcement on this feature will be coming soon!
  • If you are using Expitrans within the Omega Customer Portal, there is a no login feature your customers can access to process payments.
  • The ability to Reverse Automatic Payments via File is now supported.
New email and text features to keep the lines of communication open:
  • Solutions By Text Auto Opt-in option – This allows your users to automatically opt-in mobile numbers without needing to verbally verify by pin with the customer.
  • Email Templates – You can now configure standard company email templates using your own compliant wording (Email feature must be turned on) or allow free form e-mail.
Suite of New Functions to increase operations efficiency:
  • Customer Portal – Now a Base Feature at no additional cost. We now have 8600+Registered Customers!
  • Scheduler for Day-End and Job Streams – Unattended running of these functions.
  • Acroforms format for Omega document templates – You can create your own documents using modern PDF creation software such as NitroPDF (recommended), Foxit and Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.
  • View Account >Notes tab is configurable to show textbox for writing notes or not.
  • Mass Refund Credit Balance – Finds accounts with credit balances and closes them out by creating a voucher to refund the money to the customer.
Upcoming Integrations planned for 2021-2022:
  • DocuSign.
  • Repay – Inbound payments and electronic disbursements.
  • Paymentus – Inbound payments and electronic disbursements.
  • CryptoSign by Crypton Mobile.
  • Recovery Database Network (RDN).
Upcoming Omega base system functionality:
  • Bulk Import Screen – User-friendly front-end UI screen to load bulk aged accounts (API for Single Aged already available).
  • Sub Accounts / Side Notes:
  • Supports “other balance” insurance, sales tax handling (TX) or miscellaneous charges without assessing interest on them.
  • Each sub account has own term, balance, and payment amount.
  • Payments apply to sub account periodic amount due, then waterfall.