700Credit – New Partner integration!

Megasys and 700Credit Announce Partnership

Megasys has partnered with 700Credit for pulling credit reports from all three major agencies: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion directly within the Omega Originations and Servicing Loan Management System.
Key Integrated Features Include:
  • A 700Credit report containing up to three scores along with trade line information can be requested and received during the loan entry process through the Omega Originations and Servicing Systems.
  • Credit reports are stored on the 700Credit server and can be re-accessed indefinitely.
  • New Credit – Hard pull credit inquiry. A full credit report will be pulled with an auto loan summary.
  • QuickQualify – Soft pull credit inquiries are used to pre-qualify a customer (QuickQual) without affecting their credit score. A full credit report will be pulled with an auto loan summary.
About 700Credit:

700Credit is the largest provider of credit reports, compliance products, soft pull services and identity verification & fraud detection to over 20,000 Automotive, RV, Powersports and Marine Dealers in the US. The company’s product and service offerings include credit reports, soft pull products such as prescreen, and pre-qualification, identity verification & fraud detection and preventions solutions, score disclosure notices, adverse action notices, driver’s license authentication solutions and much more.

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  • There are NO Megasys setup or recurring costs!
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New Omega Feature: PassTime’s Encore GPS Wireless Device!

PassTime’s Encore Wireless GPS Device is Now Supported!

Go Wireless with Encore GPS!

Locate, Monitor, and Protect your Assets!

PassTime’s Encore battery-powered GPS solution provides the ability to track, monitor, and protect your assets directly within the Omega Servicing Loan Management System.

Encore Wireless GPS Benefits include:

  • Pin-point GPS tracking
  • Advanced battery technology (up to 4+ years of battery life)
  • A simple self-activation process to use the device when you are ready
  • Integrated power modes that allow you to maximize power life with the features that fit your needs

Integrated power-mode options include:

  • Endurance: Auto locates the asset twice per day
  • Trip: Reports the location of the asset at the end of a trip when the asset is not moving
  • Active: Tracks the asset when it is moving and reports its location when it is stopped
  • Recovery: Locates asset while it is moving and when it is stopped

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If you are interested in getting signed up for the PassTime integration or to learn more about the Omega Loan Management System, please contact the Megasys Sales Department at 800-927-4490 or email sales@megasys.net.