New Customer Portal Paperless Feature

Go Paperless!

Save time and money on postage and mailing

The Customer Portal provides your customers with a personalized self-service option and helps reduce customer service calls. Your customers can view their account information and payment history. They can also complete payment transactions, submit messages, upload documents and view documents, including billing statements that you make available to them through your Omega system.

New Paperless features Added:
  • Ability in the Customer Portal for your customers to turn on paperless documents and not receive paper mail.
  • New control within Omega Documents > Form Manager to allow the system to still create paper statements/documents for paperless Omega Customer Portal users or completely stop paper copies based on each document template’s setup in the Form Manager.

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Newly Released – Automated Dayends!

Automated Dayends is Now Available!

The automated dayend Omega base system feature is now available within the Scheduler Maintenance program.
Scheduler Maintenance Features:

  • Choose your frequency and time to automatically run your dayend process. Before or after job stream processes will automatically run as usual with the dayend when setup with the Scheduler.
  • View current activity for selected schedules
  • View recent history for selected schedules
  • Shows all processes for active schedules
Please visit the Omega Help center for instructions on how to setup your Job streams and dayend process on an automated schedule!
Please contact Megasys Support at or 714-952-9554 if you have any questions.

New Automated Schedule Feature!

The new Omega base system feature automates manual Job Stream processes!
Schedule Maintenance Features:
  • Choose your frequency and time to automatically run up to 5 manual job stream processes
  • View current activity for selected schedules
  • View recent history for selected schedules
  • Shows all processes for active schedules
Watch for news coming soon of our next step-the ability to automate your dayends. The dayend portion of this feature is available for beta testing before full release.
Questions? Please contact Megasys Support at or 714-952-9554. If you would like to be considered as a beta tester for the auto dayend feature please email Megasys Installations at

Omega Customer Portal is now included with base system!

We are excited to announce the Omega Customer Portal is now included with the base system!   
The Customer Portal provides your customers with a personalized self-service option and helps reduce customer service calls. Your customers can view their account information including payment history, complete payment transactions, submit messages and upload and/or view documents, including billing statements and other documents that you make available to them through your Omega system.

Several new features have been added to help you better manage, and allow your customers to self-service their accounts!   

New self-service features:
  • PayNow feature – allows your customers to make a onetime immediate payment without needing to log into the portal (for ExpiTrans users only, at this time).
  • New Profile features – new options for your customers to add new or edit existing phone numbers in the portal.
  • Notify Me options for your customers to select their preferred notification method(s) (email, text, or both) when a new document is available for them in the portal.
New Omega controls and features:
  • New setting in Omega to manage your customers’ ability to edit or add new phone number(s) in the portal’s User Profile.
  • New payment amount settings to better control your customers’ pay options in the portal.
  • New task management controls to receive customer notifications from the portal.
  • Text-to-Pay – You can direct your customers to the portal via Omega Text-to-Pay. In your text template, you’ll need to include your portal URL. If you are a ExpiTrans subscriber, you can use a direct link to pay using the Omega Text-to-Pay via Pay Now URL (Other providers will be added at a future time).*
*texting within Omega requires an agreement with our integrated partner, Solutions by Text.
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New Static Pool Analysis Reports!

Create your own static pools with our easy-to-use reports!

Omega can help your lending company manage risk to predict and prevent losses. Our new Static Pool feature includes three built-in reports that track long-term performance of groups of accounts entered in a given month, quarter, or year.

Key data measurements include number of accounts funded, current balance, and various loss statistics.

Static Pool Analysis Reports:

  • Static Loss – pools by month, quarter, or annually. Filter results by branch, class, dealer, and portfolio.
  • Loss Summary by Dealer – Similar to Static Loss, grouped by dealer.
  • Raw Data Report – Includes all data points in all periods and shows loss statistics by pool that includes values as of run date and each month end.

Static Pool Analysis Reports are included with all Omega system editions.


Support 714-952-9554 or Sales 800-927-4490

New Customer Portal Features

Customer Portal: 

The Omega Customer Portal provides your customers with personalized service. Customers can view their account information, complete payment transactions, submit messages, and view documents, including statements that you make available to them through your Omega system. With an open line of communication, you will boost customer satisfaction and reduce customer service calls.

Other Key Features:

  • Customize portal display for account, collateral and demographic information
  • Add company logo and background image for a personalized touch
  • Include or exclude accounts by admin and remark code status
  • Configure global and branch-level settings for contact us, payment consent, legal and privacy and terms and conditions statements

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New Electronic Document Presentment

Attach Electronic Documents for Easy Viewing!

New Omega document options allow users to attach PDF documents generated by the Omega system to accounts. Attached documents are viewable within the View Account screen, and optionally via the Customer Portal and Dealer Portal. Documents are easily located by date, description or creator.
For questions, contact Megasys Support at 714-952-9554


Megasys Partnership with Dealertrack expands to include LOS integration for faster loan decisions with auto dealers in addition to expedited Auto Title Management

ORANGE, Calif.—April 25, 2018 – Megasys, Inc., the leading provider of complete loan servicing systems for the consumer finance industry, announced today a new facet of their integral partnership with Dealertrack. The latest partnership integration quickens the indirect loan decisioning process with dealers utilizing Dealertrack’s industry-leading Credit Application Network solution.

Megasys already relied on Dealertrack to manage the Electronic Lien & Title (ELT) process for their lenders, where state mandates require both dealers and lenders adopt a fully digital titling solution between them and their governing DMV office. Megasys chose Dealertrack as their preferred ELT provider because of the ease of integration along with perfecting capabilities that speed the entire application-to-title process and lien/title management that helps mitigate fraud risk.

Now with the same ease of integration for the F&I portion of Lenders’ auto lending processes, the Omega Loan Origination System has improved service for their subprime automotive lenders by automating the credit application delivery and decision process to provide real-time approvals, declines and counter-offers back to dealers.

“The vast majority of dealers in the subprime finance industry use Dealertrack’s Credit Application Network,” said Theo Austin, President of Megasys, Inc. “We are excited to expand our partnership with such a trusted industry leader. This Dealertrack integration supports our growing customer demand to provide seamless integration to streamline the credit application process.”

“By integrating with Megasys’ Omega LOS, Dealertrack’s network of lenders can receive credit applications from their dealers in real time and return automated decisions – cutting down time consumers must spend in the F&I office,” said Cheryl Miller, Vice President & General Manager of F&I Solutions at Dealertrack, a Cox Automotive brand. “This drastically improves satisfaction with the entire buying process.”

For more information about Dealertrack, visit

About Megasys

Megasys is the leader in complete loan servicing systems for the consumer finance industry for over 35 years. Megasys provides customizable software platforms for finance companies of every size, from startup businesses to major corporations. Their clients service 2 million active accounts and have processed over 1 million applications, with $8 billion in transactions. Omega is a user–friendly, browser–based solution that streamlines account servicing operations through loan origination, loan servicing, collections, reporting, and document storage. Omega includes integrated and intuitive General Ledger and Accounts Payable systems with drill down capability, making Omega the most complete package available for a consumer finance company. For more information please visit .

About Dealertrack
Dealertrack is the leading provider of digital solutions to the automotive retail industry. Whether you’re a dealer, a lender, a manufacturer, or a state agency, our integrated and intuitive approach to products and services makes your workflows more efficient, transparent, and profitable. From our pioneering Digital Retailing tools—bridging the gap between the online and in-store experience—to our lender network (the largest in North America), Dealertrack is the only company helping enable the transformation of auto retailing. Dealertrack is a part of Cox Automotive. For more information please visit

Official Release Article:


Omega now supports the capability to service Same as Cash contracts (also known as “SAC”) for direct and indirect loan types. This promotional feature allows a customer to avoid any interest charges if an account is paid off by a certain date.
Contact Megasys Support for details at 714-952-4490 or