2021 celebrated another successful year of Omega customer base growth. We announced new partner integrations, added new features, and implemented key enhancements to improve the Omega System experience.

The most notable features included:

  • New Feature – Outbound ACH payments from Omega: Currently in beta release and supported with ExpiTrans. Other providers will be added soon.
  • Added a new security feature—Two-factor Authentication.
  • New Feature – send via SFTP or FTPS from Omega to a third party, remote server.
  • New Feature – Automated scheduler for the ability to automate job stream and dayend processes.
  • New Feature – Mass Refund Credit Balance.
  • Added capability for customers to unsubscribe from emails in accordance with Regulation F.

Megasys celebrated 40 years of success in the consumer finance industry at MegaBash. Our hosted celebration in September was a huge success. We had a record turnout of associate partners and customers which was an integral part of our growth through user participation and great system feedback. As a result of customer feedback, we will be incorporating several new enhancements in Omega for further ease of use.

Megasys would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our current customers and welcome our newest Omega customers that have helped shape our year. Due to our continued growth, we have expanded our development department. We are thrilled to have several new employees join the Megasys family.

Megasys has many great things planned this year. We will continue Omega system client growth with several exciting new features and partnerships opportunities planned.

If you are interested in learning more about the Omega Loan Management System, please contact us at 800-927-4490 or sales@megasys.net.


We’d love to hear from you!

Happy New Year!